We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions.

Industry Type
General apparel、Sewing business、Retail business.

Business Outline Business Partners
I perform the whole duties about apparel such as a plan, development, production, the administration of the house brand. In addition, I deal with the designs such as graphic and an advertisement, a building, miscellaneous goods. And, let alone apparel, I am in charge of other product OEM,ODM. I often exhibit with an overseas visit in bizarrerie Baru duty environment.

The sale all areas of our operation in foreign countries of “ONECC”, the administration of the apparel store are working companies.

  • Sales Representative(Including sale, waiting on customers, product rearranging, inventory control, the SNS dispatch)
  • Business Representative (Including the exchanges, the negotiations with other companies, the SNS dispatch)
  • Internet Division Representative (Including net product update, sale office work, the SNS dispatch)

「ONECC Harajuku Store」2F, 4-28-4 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 〒150-0001

Offer Essential Point(Authority of all the Socialist Party and the Communist Party)

Educational background no object (until around 18-40 years old), communicative competence, one, the warm welcome that want to bring up challenge mind, a brand together brightly. ・For work, it is a person with a sense of responsibility. ・The person that software such as Excel, an illustrator, the Photoshop is available thinks about priority. ・Japanese is one of the native language in foreigners. ・The one that performs interest in SNS dispatch.

*Term of trial existence preferential in considering experience, ability by our rule.

Transportation expenses supply

Working Hours
11:00 ~ 19:30 (I can adjust it freely for the break for 30 minutes.)

I send charm of ONECC and recruit people heaping up a brand together. ONECC is a technique of the haute couture and a unisex brand using the function design. It is a company’s custom to evaluate the ability that I showed in authority transferred without relations in bizarrerie Baru company environment by (devolution, the merit system) educational background, age, sex fairly. Each is own style, and the staff works freely, and duties contents change by appropriateness. I work as a sales force and I will join the designer team in the future and can plan the product at the start.

Entry Form
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An adoption person in charge will inform you in a few days.