ONECC is a brand with the unisex aesthetics concept using the haute couture technology. The origin of the name of ONECC is from a meaning called “ONE COSMOS CHALLENGE” (challenge from the space) and spoils a fixed concept of the conventional fashion-style and creates the innovative, novel design. ONECC is unique and makes the clothes which give each piece a meaning and a fable by the production method that fused with a humorous design on good-quality material, solid and plane. A fashion of ONECC which continues changing every day without getting tired in daily life.

Trends: Focus on trends without blindly following. Analyze fashion trends and create ONECC’s exclusive fashion attitude.

Advanced: the selection of high-quality fabrics combined with superior technology, research and develop the original version with ergonomic technology, the use of advanced handmade custom technology to daily wear, meeting the pursuit of high quality and personalized fashion.

Function: Disassembly, deformation and recombination are the original design language of ONECC, which endows the function deformation characteristics of the single product, expands more ways of wearing, and increases the playability and interest of the clothing.